I don’t believe in staying in a relationship if it feels empty and meaningless to me. I believe that we are spiritual beings in a physical body. So I am always looking at finding a spiritual and emotional connection with my partner and give the utmost importance to love. I believe that Love will conquer all. In saying this I am also very balanced and have done a lot of work on myself to bring this love and spirituality into my physical world. My life’s journey has shown me that I need to be clear and practical whilst having that spiritual connection especially in my search for love. I work in a technical environment so am very analytical and as I am a Healer/Psychic I have the nurturing, intuitive side which I believe gives me my balance.

My biggest challenge in life has been to really integrate and understand this concept of having a balanced relationship with myself so I am able to call in my Divine Partner. I found myself being either too feminine or too dominating. This is why I was attracting partners who were not really for my highest good. I thought I was in a beautiful life as everything on the surface was perfect. I had everything, a beautiful house, perfect partner who loved me and a great job. But it all felt empty and meaningless. I felt as if I was living a fake life. This all started changing as I worked on developing myself and healing my past issues.

I have spent the last 2 years in releasing and healing my past relationships whilst learning to love myself. I have also managed to embrace the goddess within and love myself for who I am. In doing so I have attracted into my life my Divine Partner. When I am with him nothing else matters as life is beautiful and we have a lot to see and experience together.

All of my experiences has lead me to see that there are so many successful women who are living in relationships which are not really fulfilling and satisfying. They are just a little bit afraid to let go and start living and attracting the DIVINE RELATIONSHIP. I just love everything about love and I find it so magical in the way that as we start working on ourselves we can attract the better half to us. The one True Love!